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我们秉持不分种族不分宗教信仰不分文化背景的大爱精神,致力去照顾这群被社会遗忘的弱势群体。 “养”、 “教”、 “乐”、 “疗” 是我们多年来服务的四大基础理念。一段时日,孩子们的身心灵都健康成长,慢慢有生活自理能力,发挥其特长,培养自信以及创造新价值人生。

We uphold the spirit of love, committed to providing comprehensive benefits to the socially forgotten vulnerable groups, regardless of race, religion or background. Our services is based on ‘Foster’, ‘Teach’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Therapy’ these four basic pillar concepts. Over the time, the children growing up healthily, and gradually have the ability to taking care of themselves, develop their strengths, cultivate self-confidence and create new life’s value.

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乐善儿童残障福利中心位于Kajang Taman Rakan。 目前我们中心总共收留40名来之7~46岁的残障儿童与人士。这些孩子多数来自贫困或单亲家庭,我们本着助人的宗旨,所以完全免费提供住宿、食物、医药和教育等等。我们也训练孩子自立,所以多数的孩子都拥有自理能力。看护们表示这些孩子并不会带给他们麻烦。有些孩子甚至会帮忙他们做一些简单的工作,例如收拾床垫、椅子和用过的饭盒。我们亦聘请固定的老师来教学,老师会按照每个小孩的特质来进行教学,使孩子能发挥最大的潜能。

Persatuan Insan Istimewa Cheras Selangor located at Taman Rakan, Kajang. We are now adopted 40 underprivileged person, age between 7~46 years old. They are mostly from the poor or single parent families; and we committed to our mission of helping people, thus we provide free accommodation, food, medical, education, etc… We train them to be independent, so most of them now have self-care ability. The staffs said that these children were not bring them trouble, even will help to do some simple tasks, such as cleaning up mattresses, chairs, and used dining sets. We also hire a permanent teacher. The teacher will teach according to the characteristics of each child, so that can exert his/ her potential.


Love and Care is the indispensable fundamentals to a happy and harmony society. Without these, the marginalized vulnerable groups will be forgotten. Our Center mission is to help the underprivileged to recompose their life story. At the same time inspire and change our view of life.

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Persatuan Insan Istimewa Cheras Selangor

35, Jln Rakan 11, Taman Rakan, Cheras, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
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